Yoni Collier (UK)

Hi all!
Now it's time to present to you my interview (in two parts) with Yoni Collier from the UK, based in lovely Groningen (NL).
First I met Yoni Collier as a member in the great Groningen Vocal Exploration Choir, a great gift Chris Tonelli brought to us with the huge experience to discover what kind of sounds  are waiting to become free from our bodies and souls. Later on I  discovered Yoni's art, that asked me to knock at his door finally and ask him for an interview.
Yoni Collier is a great sound designer, a freelance  producer, composer and performer. Earlier I featured a part of his sound design work on The Groningen Report, in Alain de Botton's 'School of  Life' animated film. Have a look here:

As a part of his PhD research he presented in Groningen his work "Justice, Freedom, Peace, Memory", an examination of  how location based recording, musical performance and production can be  used as tools for examining artistic practice, landscape and history.
Beginning of November 2018 he published an EP under his band name "Guillotine Sunbeam", titled "Fever Dream".
We talked about all this and much more. Please, enjoy our chat in two parts, if you have time and interest, which I really hope!

GuillotineSUNBEAM received stunning reactions:

"A soaring, shoegazey pop single full of melancholy drama" - Bandcamp

"An accomplished piece of songwriting... A winner" - Obscure Sound

"Epic - Track of the Day" - Mix It All Up

"Superb... a wondrous soundscape that crashes against the speakers" - Sounds Good Blog

Cover picture source: https://www.guillotinesunbeam.com/

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