Trio Jaeger, Punkt, Hemingway (CH/GER/US)

On a sunday afternoon, march 17th - 2019, I had the great pleasure to interview the trio Michael Jaeger/Noah Punkt and Gerry Hemingway. This  improvisation trio performed at Brouwerij Martinus in Groningen, The Netherlands, a project of Stichting Jazz in Groningen.  Michael Jaeger-Pistoletto is a saxophone and clarinet player and educator from Zürich, Switzerland and living in Leipzig, Germany. He studied Jazz performance at Hochschule Luzern, his teachers were artists such as Kurt Rosenwinkel and Mark Turner. He toured a lot through China,  Russia, Egypt and the United States. With his own quartet, the Michael  Jaeger KEROUAC, he recorded three albums at Intakt Records.

Noah Punkt is a German electric and double bass player and educator  living in Leipzig and Zürich and very busy and adventurous in the jazz  and improvisation scene. He recorded until now some very special albums,  such as "Protean Reality", "Bicipital Fine", "Sensor", "Weichplast" and  "Punkt3".

Gerry Hemingway, born in the United States, living in Switzerland, is  first of all a master improviser on drums and percussion. He played with  legends such as Anthony Braxton, Cecil Taylor, Ray Anderson, Mark Helias, Anthony Davis, Herb Robertson, Ellery Eskelin, Mark Dresser,  Kermit Driscoll, Michael Moore, Ernst Reijseger, Derek Bailey, Leo Smith, George Lewis, Cuong Vu, Don Byron, Oliver Lake, Reggie Workman,  just to name a few. Since 2009 he joined the faculty of the Hochschule Luzern in Switzerland, where he teaches drumming, improvisation, composition, electronic music, songwriting and music history. Gerry Hemingway received a Guggenheim Fellowship for his work in music  composition. He recorded +100 albums, please check his website!  

The trio Jaeger/Punkt/Hemingway works without any chordal instrument.  "This three-generations band sails through the misty waters of tonal  expression and permute all the conceivable constellations and  possibilities of this very sparse lineup: 1+1+1, 2+1, 3. Together,  jumbled or everybody against each other, responsibility, awareness,  humor."  

I had the huge pleasure AND honor to interview this awesome trio at Brouwerij Martinus in Groningen, The Netherlands.  Many thanks to Stichting Jazz in Groningen, especially Bart Hollebrandse for his big support. Many thanks also to Brouwerij Martinus, especially to Albert-Jan Swierstra and Henriette Tukkers. And of course: many many  thanks to Noah Zackl/Punkt, Michael Jaeger-Pistoletto and Gerry Hemingway for awesome answers, lovely moments AND a fantastic performance!

Gerry Hemingway. Photo by Dragan Tasic.

Cover picture by Dragan Tasic.

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