Surma aka Débora Umbelino (PRT)

The 24 years old SURMA, aka Débora Umbelino, from Leiria in Portugal,  masters every instrument that is around her. “Her sonic blend combines  ambient music, post-rock and jazz influences. The result? A really  unique, warm and intimate sound. Ethereal melodies created by a  one-woman-band that will take you to another place.” (Europavox). Her debut album “Antwerpen” is a pure magical trip!

„Portugals biggest hope in pop music: SURMA".

"Musicians like Austra or Zola Jesus will be amazed when they listen to the perfectly matched  electronic miniatures in every Surma song.“ (Musikexpress)  

SURMA: "I just like the distortion and the reverb and the delay. It’s like my universe. It’s like a big ball and you are inside this big ball  and you don’t want to come out. I feel it the most, when all these  effects work. When all the synthesizer sounds are there together with  all the voices, that’s the most cool environment for me. Then I feel my sound the most. I like the raw stuff." (The Groningen Report)

In 2018 I met Débora Umbelino aka Surma for the first time. Surma was performing in January that year at the Eurosonic in Groningen, The Netherlands and I had the pleasure to interview her for the first time, while I was still working and interviewing for 60Minuten, an online German music magazine. When I heard she would come and perform at the Clash festival in town, I  directly contacted her management at Omnichord Records and requested  another interview, but this time as a video, for "The Groningen Report".  Clash festival was very open and accepted my request with pleasure and  big support, as well as the very famous music club Vera, known as "Club  for International Pop Underground".  Please enjoy Surma!

Surma, at ESNS 2018. Picture by Zoltan Acs.

Cover picture by: Zoltan Acs, 2018.

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