Special Concerts

Duo Eilts/Tonelli (Bernd Ihno Eilts and Chris Tonelli): Untitled  Improvisation! Recorded live at “Does It Have A Name” at ARTisBOOKshop, Groningen, The Netherlands, October 31 – 2019.  Video + edit by Bernd Ihno Eilts, kindly assisted by Maria Palomeque.    

Description of the work:   Improvisational arts have the function of focusing the attention of  improvisers on their immediate context. Practicing embeddedness in and  focused attention to the material present, to material context, is, for  many improvisers (Pauline Oliveros, for instance, whose Deep Listening  practices challenge one to attend as deeply as possible to the sonic  materiality of the present) a lifelong learning process. Eilts and  Tonelli perform a vocal improvisation beginning with silent attention to  their context until they are moved to respond and continue responding  to the sonic environment, perceived human energies, and materialities  they find themselves present to. The whole performance is instantly composed, is completely free improvised and acoustic.