Sahar Ajdamsani (IRN)

Sahar Ajdamsani is a young very well known Iranian poet, singer, composer, photographer, author, activist for women's rights and a precious  beautiful human being. Beginning of november 2019 she released the song  “Dreamy World”, a composition by Giovanni Amighetti (IT) with the poetry and voice of Sahar Ajdamsani.
"Dreamy World" is a spoken word version, because singing is prohibited for women in Iran. This song is the first one of the upcoming album with  the same title, dedicated to world peace. Sahar Ajdamsani's  poetry is featured in eleven songs with music composed by composers from eleven countries, such as Italy, Germany, Spain, France, USA, India, Sweden, Qatar, Australia, Greece and The Netherlands, who collaborated with musicians from those countries on her album.

Sahar Ajdamsani says about herself, that she is a warrior and wishes to bring peace and tranquility to our world. Through her artistic work, first of all as a poet, but also as a musician and activist, her aim is:

"to bring artists together from all countries of our planet, and to join in a collaborated and united voice for world peace."

Her force is a very powerful one,  even she is banned in Iran from doing a lot of artistic work, her voice becomes more and more independent and warriorlike. As a singer she is not allowed to sing in public space in Iran, every female singer is considered as a criminal and is offended. Her poems and songs have been censured.

Sahar Ajdamsani fights against these legal discriminational restrictions with all her energy, to bring rights to all women in Iran, to ground their paths so that all women after her can live and follow their artistic ways if they feel so, without restrictions of any kind. Sahar Ajdamsani about her life in Iran:

“Our society is male-dominated and the law is also drafted against women and in support of men. If a woman or a girl is even raped or subjected to emotional, financial and sexual harassment, they will remain silent because the law and even the  community consider them as criminal. The men, especially the famous  actors, singers, etc., easily abuse their social status to misuse girls  and women, and even nobody takes responsibility for these men’s  corruption. Such conditions put a great sum of pain and stress on women.”


“Singing was allowed for women in Iran before the Islamic Revolution. We had great female singers who, after the Islamic  Revolution, had to leave the country to continue their activities. But after the Islamic Revolution, which prohibits singing under Islamic law  for women, women were deprived of singing. Women who want to sing in  Iran must go abroad before being arrested and banned from traveling  abroad and will be forbidden to go to Iran forever. These circumstances  are very uncomfortable and painful. I hope that one day, I can work freely, sing, and hold a concert.”

Her album “Dreamy World” will  be released in the winter 2019/2020 and each song will be featured in a music video with English subtitles, the original poetry by Sahar Ajdamsani is in her mother tongue Persian.
Every single song of her album reflects her fight against the very difficult living conditions in her country in a very beautiful poetic way. Her selected poems try to raise awareness about the problems and realities of the Iranian society. She invites everyone to practice  kindness, peace, freedom and equality. The music she selected for  “Dreamy World” highlights her undivided love for diversity.

Sahar Ajdamsani was born in 1996 and published two poetry books: “5th Season of Earth  in Iran” and “I flew to the moon”. Her English song book “Censorship” will be published soon in the United States. In Athens, Greece, she won the Black & White International Photography Festival Price in 2018  with her photography "Emancipation". In April 2019 she won a price with her English lyrics of her song "Censorship" at the WILD Sound Festival  as an International Poetry Festival based in New York, where she was selected as the first Iranian award-winning artist in the field of  social poetry in the United States. These lyrics are about women rights.
Recently, the Global Photographic Union has introduced the Iranian photographer Sahar Ajdamsani as the representative of the prestigious Photography Art Center in  Iran. This union, along with the International Federation of  Photographic Art (FIAP), is recognized as the world's two centers of  photography.

Dreamy World by Sahar Ajdamsani. Artwork by Behrang Namdari Artworks.
Sahar Ajdamsani. Copyright by Sahar Ajdamsani.

Cover picture: Copyright by Sahar Ajdamsani.

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