Nina Iggy (NL)

During a visit in the Grand Theatre in Groningen (NL) I met theatremaker  Nina Iggy. After having a special conversation between strangers, at least that first moment we were strangers, the idea was born to ask Nina for an interview. And she accepted!

Nina Iggy is a young Dutch theatremaker, musician, composer, creator,  model and performer with a very special repertoire. Her most recent solo piece “Pornopop/Elektrorock” was booked at the Grand Theatre in  Groningen and at the Popfabryk in Friesland/UpNorth.  

Before I had the interview with Nina, I had another meeting, where we talked about her work, her life including many awesome topics, which led to this interview you might want to see. Our talk shows her enthusiasm, her energy, her vibrant way of being in this life. Just unafraid, always open to break through defined and undefined rules, so refreshing and inspiring, just her way! I hope, many of you enjoy our special talk as we did!  

Many thanks to the Popfabryk in Friesland, to Up North, to Urban House Groningen and Ingeborg Struyk, and last but not least to Nina Iggy for having me in her beautiful  livingroom during a calm sunday afternoon!

Nina Iggy. Still Image by Bernd Ihno Eilts/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2019.

Cover picture: Still Image by Bernd Ihno Eilts/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2019.

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