Nelson Graf Reis/We Bless This Mess (PT)

"We Bless This Mess": Awareness Songs And Side Stories - isn't that an awesome inspiring message?
"We Bless This Mess" featuring Nelson Graf Reis on guitar and lead vocals, Ash Lewis on bass and backing vocals and Bernardo Queirós on drums and backing vocals performed November 18th at Lola (Lola050) in Groningen, in a Noise in the north concert!

Punk rock, folk, independent individual strongest absolute lovely  creative beauty energy = a positive make-life-simple-and-enjoy-the-moment manifesto! How can I resist? How can you resist? How can we resist? We can't! It's that simple!

I had the huge pleasure to interview the full "We Bless This Mess" band at Lola050.

Many thanks to Noise in the north, especially Steven van Calcar and Moos D Stone for booking this fantastic act and for their huge beautiful friendly hospitality!
Special thanks to Lola050's great people at the spot!
And last but not least many huge thanks to Nelson Graf Reis, Ash Lewis and Bernardo Queirós.

Please enjoy here first of all, the full interview with Nelson Graf Reis, founder and creator of "We Bless This Mess"!

Here comes my interview with the drummer and booker of "We Bless This Mess", Bernardo Queirós!

Ash Lewis, in this trio is the bass player and backing vocalist. During the release tour of "Awareness Songs And Side Stories", an excellent new album of Nelson Graf Reis' band, released on Oh Lee Records, "We Bless This Mess" played in Lola050 in Groningen's heart.

From the left: Ash Lewis, Bernardo Queirós, Nelson Graf Reis. Source: We Bless This Mess.

Cover picture: Copyright by We Bless This Mess.

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