Lola Diaz Cantoni (ARG)

Dear interview lovers!
Am very happy and proud to present to all of you another double-pack of interview I recently had with Lola Díaz Cantoni from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Lola Díaz Cantoni studies at the moment at the Art Academy Minerva in Groningen (NL). Here she is a very active student, she recently discovered FLUXUS artist Nye Ffarrabas (ex Bici Forbes ex Bici Hendricks) in the United States and brought her and her work to Groningen. Just in general Lola is a creator of experiences. And, just to mention this in 3 seconds, she really creates a huge bunch of experiences!
Please enjoy my fascinating interview with Lola Díaz Cantoni, in two parts!

Lola Diaz Cantoni with Nye Ffarrabas, Groningen, The Netherlands, October 2018.

Cover picture: Copyright by Robert Mulder.

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