Joep van Rhijn (NL)

Dear interview lovers, lovers of the beautiful jazz trumpet sound and lovers of traveling and staying in Asia, especially in South Korea, then please I need to ask your attention!
Last year in November I got a very special invitation from my Vocal Exploration Choir fellow performer and friend Taeke Overdijk. He asked me if I would be interested to interview Joep Van Rhijn. Both, Taeke and Joep are somehow old neighbors in the very tiny Dutch village Noordbroek. Joep was visiting family with his new own family and I got the very special chance to interview him here in Groningen.
Joep Van Rhijn, born in the Groninger landscape, studied jazz trumpet at the Prins Claus Conservatorium (NL), where he graduated in 2007. After working as a freelancer in Amsterdam (NL) he moved to South Korea, where he is married and works as a freelance jazz trumpet player, arranger, composer  and educator since 2012.
A very important teacher for him was Kurt Weiss (US) at the Prins Claus Conservatorium, as well as Brian Lynch (US). Joep has been playing in South Korea at the major jazz festivals and venues,  such as Jarasum International Jazz Festival, Ulsan Jazz Festival, Jazz  in Seoul and Jazz in Daegu.
I had the really great pleasure to talk with Joep Van Rhijn about his life in South Korea, living with very special strong  traditions, about playing the jazz trumpet and many other personal  topics.
Many thanks again to Taeke Overdijk and to Joep Van Rhijn!
Special thanks to Cord Meijering for his extra input!

The Joep van Rhijn Trio

Cover picture source by Joep van Rhijn.

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