Ivan Baryshnikov (RU)

Dear Jazz lovers, especially tenor sax lovers and really much those  ones, who love to hear inside stories from jazz musicians, please take a  deep breath and enjoy my talk with Russian saxophone player, composer,  arranger and educator Ivan Baryshnikov.

Ivan graduated in the Masters program at the Prins Claus Conservatorium  in Groningen, The Netherlands and is waiting now to move to New York  City.

During an exchange time in New York he recorded his debut album "Journey", with fellow musicians like Marko Churnetz, Ryan Berg, Samvel Sarkisyan, Mark Evich and Hiske Oosterwijk. One of his most important New York teachers is Tim Armacost, the cast of Groningen teachers is wide, but he mentioned especially Paul Berner, Michael Moore and Steve Altenberg.

Please enjoy our one-hour-talk, refreshing and with many beautiful insights and stories!

Many thanks to Ivan Baryshnikov!

Ivan Baryshnikov, photo by ilnur.ru

Cover picture: Copyright by ilnur.ru

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