Hiske Oosterwijk (NL)

"Inhale a peaceful breeze, then exhale the love, calm".

This is a sentence out of lyrics Hiske Oosterwijk wrote for Alex Sipiagin's music.
Just a few weeks ago I had the big pleasure to interview Hiske Oosterwijk, a Dutch jazz singer, composer and educator and very funny and awesome  to meet and talk with. She is born and raised in Friesland, a province of the Netherlands located in the northern part of the country, also known as Frisia. Hiske studied and graduated as a bachelor and master of music (2018) at the Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen (NL).

Her work and interest in music is wide, she feels mostly comfortable in  jazz music, but also in chansons and pop/soul music. Storytelling  through her voice and also as a composer of lyrics and music is one of  her big gifts.
With the Russian trumpet player and educator Alex  Sipiagin she's working together in the New Path Quintet, feat. next to Hiske and Alex Sipiagin also Misha Tsiganov on keyboards, Makar Novikov on bass and Sasha Mashin on drums. This very exquisite work is  documented already in two cd's, a third one will be published soon.
Another mindblowing project is "Stereobass", founded in 2017 in Russia and feat. next to Hiske Oosterwijk as a singer, composer of music and lyrics also Alexey Ivannikov and Evgeny Lebedev on piano and keyboards, Makar Novikov on bass and cello,  Daria Chernakova on double bass and Sasha Mashin on drums.
With her project EVA, feat. Toms Mikals on keyboards, Esat Ekincioğlu on bass and Owen Hart Jr on drums, Hiske presents a repertoire of music based on existing original french  chansons and own compositions. In 2017 she won with EVA the Concours de  la Chanson.
Please enjoy a marvelous talk I had with Hiske Oosterwijk in my livingroom, this January 2019 in Groningen, The Netherlands!

Hiske Oosterwijk, photography by Mikhail Pankov.

Cover picture: Copyright by Mikhail Pankov.

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