David Berkman (US)

During Eurosonic time in Groningen/The Netherlands I had a very beautiful conversation with David Berkman from NYC.
David Berkman is an award-winning jazz pianist, composer and bandleader as well as an educator (Queens College and Prins Claus Conservatorium Groningen) and a writer!
He published three books,  “The Jazz Musician’s Guide to  Creative Practicing” (2007), “The Jazz Singer’s Guidebook” (2009) and  “The Jazz Harmony Book” (2014). The fantastic feedback reviews on Amazon for example for sure are a link towards more awards!
As a pianist he works with The New York Standards Quartet feat. Tim Armacost, Daiki Yasukagawa and Gene Jackson. David Berkman’s  most recent recording is “Old Friends and New Friends” on Palmetto  records and features Brian Blade, Dayna Stephens, Adam Kolker, Linda May Han Oh and Billy Drewes, recorded, mixed and co-produced by Matt Balitsaris at Maggie’s Farm. And, David also is a solo piano artist.
We talked about all these above mentioned topics plus some more very delicate ones.
Many thanks to Joris Teepe, Jan-Gerd Krüger and of course very much to David Berkman for finding the time to make this interview possible. Enjoy our one-hour-talk!

David Berkman, Photo from Seeger/Coltrane Solo Piano Session, Photo by Brad Matala

Cover photo: Photo from Seeger/Coltrane Solo Piano Session, Photo by Brad Matala.

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