David Berkman (US)

End of May this year, which is still 2019, I had a really beautiful  second interview with David Berkman from New York City, jazz pianist, composer, educator, arranger and writer.

Please, check our first talk here.

Just really recently he  published his album "Six Of One", feat. Dayna Stephens, Adam Kolker, Billy Drewes, Chris Lightcap, Kenneth Salters, Tim Armacost and Rogerio Boccato.

And yes, of course, we talked about this special album next to issues like chatting with audiences, solo playing, screaming audiences, jazz as a rhythmic conversational world, the evolution of music, academic jazz, music for musicians and something very interesting David told me, which is,

"music experience is better than sex!"

David: "Only, when the music is very good...."

Please enjoy all these and more topics in our really special talk at the Prins Claus Conservatory, Jazz Department, where David also teaches Jazz!

Many thanks to David Berkman, Jan-Gerd Krüger, Joris Teepe & Jan Rozema.

David Berkman. Still Image by Bernd Ihno Eilts/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2019.

Cover picture by Bernd Ihno Eilts/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2019.

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