Closing screening for Ayneh S5: Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke

The Groningen-based movie community "Ayneh" is having its last screening of Season 5 on July 25th.

This time, Ayneh is putting forward a Studio Ghibli classic: Princess Mononoke. Unlike previous screenings, due to the current coronavirus pandemic, the screening will take place in a different location, in a barn on Hoendiep. Attendance will only be allowed to those who have previously made a reservation via the Facebook event. A 1.5m distance will be kept, and there will be no popcorn (but beer and wine will still be available at the bar for 1€).

Ayneh describes itself as a movie community that seeks to experience cinema as an encounter, through images, with the "other". A meeting place for discussing what the human being is and where it is headed, from the point of view of some of the most emancipative representatives of World Cinema.

Ayneh S5-7 Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke (Closing Screening)
Hi everyone! We have come to the final screening before a small break, this time in a more serene setting at the hoendiep barn!! But don’t worry, we will return from september onwards with a fresh new format. We are very excited to have you for this final screening with a Studio Ghibli classic! …

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