Christian Kühn (GER)

“Chain the Snake” is the third and new-2019-album of the band “Kuhn Fu”, founded by Christian Kühn (GER) in our lovely city Groningen (NL), while  he was still studying at the Prins Claus Conservatorium. Since 7 years  "Kuhn Fu" is touring like crazy, 23 countries have been reached so far, a quartet feat. Christian Kühn (guitar + compositions), Ziv Taubenfeld  (bassclarinet), Esat Ekincioglu (double bass) and George Hadow (drums).  This German-Israelian-Turkish-British melting pot of fascinating  energies, produce music that can be described as a mixture between

“cabaret and schizophrenia” (Concerto, AT).

The Austrian “Der Standard”  says:

“The band around guitarist Christian Kühn relies on style duels, as US saxophonist John Zorn used to, and it sounds massive”.

Jazzwise,  UK wrote:

“If we wanted an Austrian Billy Jenkins, who better than  Christian Kühn and his Kuhn Fu combo. Manic in terms of guitaring,  puppet-dancing and mention-the-war humour, he roughed up the festival  with a bucketload of zany humour, in the guise of avant speed-jazz.”


Heavy grooves, a wide dynamic range and lyrical melodies are the key elements of "Kuhn Fu"'s music. Influences range from from 70s rock music a  post-romantic jazz disorder to Duke Ellington to Peter Brötzmann to Frank Zappa to Ludwig van Beethoven, which gives the music a unique  balance between postrock/noise, bluesy cliches and free improvisation.  

“If DADA, even Fluxus, would still be active as a modern sound vehicle,  we should enjoy that naughty ingredient in the sound-jungle of Kuhn Fu and be grateful forever! Thank you Christian Kühn for this huge gift!”  The Groningen Report.  

Please enjoy my new video interview with Christian Kühn! We had a lovely talk about Berlin life, harmonies, composing, the audience, touring and "Kuhn Fu" of course!

Christian Kühn/Kuhn Fu. Picture by Matthias Heschl.

Cover picture by Matthias Heschl.

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