Andy Smart (US)

In the fall of 2017 I was invited to be part of the production of Bernardo Zanotta's short movie "Heart of Hunger". There I met next to Hinke Ann Eleveld, Angelos Messios, Raydrick Feliciana, Mylan Hoezen, Lennart Smidt, Jochem van den Wijngaard, Sjors Hoogerdijk, Nia Konstantinova and many others also Andy Smart.
Just end of January 2019 I had the great pleasure to talk with Andy  Smart about his artistic life as a dancer, educator, performer, entertainer, actor, singer, composer, poet, illustrator and MC.
Born in Portland, Oregon 1987 his early artistic activities were those  of a singer. In child choirs he performed international as well as in the Carnegie Hall in NY. After graduating at the SUNY Purchase College as a dancer he moved to Rotterdam (NL) to study at the Codarts University.

As a member in the HipHop band “Hipnotik Orchestra” the  audience in the west of The Netherlands were able to enjoy Andy as rapper and singer. Next station: The international dance company “Club  Guy + Roni” in Groningen (NL), led by Roni Haver and Guy Weizman.  

From 2015 on Andy Smart became a member of The Poetic Disasters Club, which is an initiative of Club Guy + Roni, the NNT (Noord Nederlands  Toneel) and Slagwerk Den Haag. In this experimental garden he worked  with director Hendrik Aerts and choreographer Angela Herenda on “Kaspar”, based on the story of Kaspar Hauser by Peter Handke. He also worked in “Mechanical Ecstasy” with Club Guy + Roni, “Niemandsland”  by Roni Haver and Karin Noeken and “Self-Accusation” by Hendrik Aerts, based on the play by Peter Handke baring the same name.

In 2017 “Teddy's Last Ride” was founded in Groningen by Andy Smart, Agnese Fiocchi (IT), Milan Schudel (NL) and Manuel Kiros Paolini (IT). An ex-dance company performing arts collective. Further discription:

“Completely lost in all social-political discussions. Too  incompetent and too (sexually) frustrated to take a stand for anything. A  pack of international, multi dysfunctional misfits in their 20’s. The  all dancing, all singing scum of the earth. A tempest in a teapot  really, mostly harmless.”

Please enjoy a very special and open talk with Andy Smart!

Andy Smart, Photography by Bernd Ihno Eilts/VG Bild-Kunst.

Cover photo: Still image by Bernd Ihno Eilts/VG Bild-Kunst

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