About The Groningen Report

The Groningen Report started half of February in 2016 when my old friend Zoltan Acs, an amazing talented photographer asked me to accompany him interviewing artists while he takes pictures from the talk and concert. I looked at him like he have asked me to join him jumping together from a  skyscraper!
I never ever had a thought about doing something like that in my life.
But, at that moment of time I was planning to visit a concert of the guitar duo Nels Cline/Julian Lage. And I thought about giving it a try.

Zoltan  made a contact with a publisher of music related articles in Berlin and I got accepted! The publisher arranged the interview for us, I started  doing my research and like this all started. Astonishing for me the interview went very well. I accepted 40 minutes with them, but after one hour we were still talking! We had our talk in the Grand Theatre in  Groningen (NL), in a very tiny dressing room. I love their recording  "Rooms" and had like that an easy introduction towards those amazing artists. After the interview I sat down in the entrance hall waiting for  the concert and asked Zoltan: did this really happen? Did we do that?
The  online music magazine 60minuten published my article with Zoltan‘s pictures and so we started. Because we worked in the Dutch city Groningen and not in Germany, we gave our work the subtitle "The Groningen Report" (which was VB's idea. Thank you VB!)

After two years and eight months we started the independent department of "The Groningen Report" in the summer 2018. From that moment on I focused more on video filmed interviews instead of written interviews. What I always love is the intimate atmosphere during an interview. The space between me, as the interviewer, and the person I talk to. In a video this atmosphere is much better documented.

Further I do edit an interview mostly only very basically. Almost never I cut sentences or sequences, of course there are a few exceptions. This to document the time and moment much more clear.

I hope, you enjoy what you see, read and hear!

Copyright by Zoltan Acs: www.acszolie.hu

In the summer of 2019 Zoltan moved away from The Netherlands. That then was the moment to move further on my own.