20Guilders feat.: Tabata Mitsuru & Junzo Suzuki (JP)

Who in Groningen does not know the weekly stage for experimental art,  just called FridayNITE? Initiated by NNT (Noord Nederlands Toneel) and Club Guy & Roni and  located at NNT's theatre location Machinefabriek at Bloemstraat, this initiative booked on may 10th 2019 “20Guilders” from Tokyo, an Acid Rock/Folk Duo feat. Suzuki Junzo and Mitsuru Tabata/Tabata Mitsuru. Of course, you might think, who knows “20 Guilders”?

Well, actually you should know, because Mitsuru Tabata/Tabata Mitsuru  (guitar, vocals, aerophonics) founded the Japanese Rock band Boredoms  from Osaka in 1986. This band's sound is usually referred as Noise Rock or Japanoise. In 1987 Tabata founded Leningrad Blues Machine (Psychedelic Space Rock) in Kyoto, after leaving from Boredoms. Then he joined (from 1988 – 2012) Zeni Geva (meaning: Money Violence), a  Japanese Noise Rock band from Tokyo. And he also became a member (2005)  of the very well known Acid Mothers Temple until he left in 2017. Then Suzuki Junzo (can also be found in: MIMINOKOTO) is a ambient noise rock free jazz electronic free improvisation Japanese acid folk  psychedelic space rock trippy Tokyo based guitarist, bass player,  percussionist, keyboarder, vocalist, producer, hydrophonics + composer.  Together they are since 2011 “20 Guilders”, just recently released their  album “Acoustic Motherfuckers”.

In Groningen, The Netherlands (second stop during their Europe May and June '19 tour) both played electric guitars and were singing Japanese lyrics, poetry with meanings like: Trembling Voice, Sinking Room/Light  That Breaks Through/Except Emanuele/Shadows Of Faded Wings/Dakishimetai and so on. Their music can be described as orientated at Japanese Folk with roots of all known Avantgarde systems so far. And, the concert was  somehow noisy, special noisy, with fascinating aerophonics and hydrophonics. This you missed!  

Please enjoy and just don't miss my long talk with “20Guilders”, feat.  Mitsuru Tabata/Tabata Mitsuru and Suzuki Junzo!  

Interview, Camera + Edit by Bernd Ihno Eilts/The Groningen Report.  

Many thanks to NNT, Club Guy + Roni, FridayNITE, Karina Bakx and especially Gijs Deddens. My biggest thanks to Mitsuru Tabata/Tabata Mitsuru and Suzuki Junzo!

From left: Suzuki Junzo, Tabata Mitsuru. Still image Copyright by Bernd Ihno Eilts/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2019.

Cover picture: Still image Copyright by Bernd Ihno Eilts/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2019.

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